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Caught Sneaking Treats!

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Timo is a naughty boy, he's been eyeing up the Christmas treats and wants to indulge. When Ryan catches him nibbling what he shouldn't he's determined to teach the boy a lesson, but after kissing and licking those hard teen cocks it's his ass getting some punishment! Not that you could call it that, who wouldn't want to take a pile driving fuck from this handsome young bloke and his engorged manhood? Ryan takes it well, and a little rough too, finally pumping his cream from his bone and getting a messy splashing of boy batter all over his gorgeous butt cheeks! If this is how Ryan punishes it's no wonder Timo is so badly behaved around the house.

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Tasty Cum Covered Lollipop

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Good looking young star Timo discovers hot little Dustin in the bedroom enjoying a tasty lollipop treat and he's certain the slim young hottie would work his rod with just as much delicious skill. With a taste of his warm meat the boy gets a lesson in solid shaft, right up the butt! These boys might be young but they know how to work those cocks to get their juicy loads pumping. Check out the tasty treat Dustin gets as his reward!

December 14, 2018 timogarrett Random Stuff 0

Licking The Creamy Lollipop

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Dustin seems to be practicing his dong sucking skills on a little lollipop, but he really needs something a little more real, a little more meaty and delicious. Timo is on hand to help, feeding him a real dick and then filling up his sweet little ass! The boy almost forgets his sticky treat as he has the jizz fucked out of him, but Timo is soon ready to add his spunk to the sugary lollipop to make it even more tasty!

June 30, 2015 timogarrett Videos 0

A Hard Fuck And A Big Load

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Timo has his friend Krys over for some fun, and boy does he get it! Their cocks are soon out for jerking and sucking, but Krys really wants that ass. He rims out his twink buddy and slides his hard fat cock in deep, his heavy swollen balls swinging with every hard and slamming fuck! With Timo on his back and being fucked and jerked, a spooge splashing is inevitable, but it's the load Timo takes in the mouth from hot Krys that really satisfies!

September 16, 2014 timogarrett Random Stuff 0

Cum Eating Boys Who Know How To Fuck!

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Timo and Conner are a pair of gorgeous young twink lovers who certainly know how to get a tasty spooge splashing load from their dicks! The boys are swapping spit, jerking dong, sucking each other and fucking all over the bedroom, with sweet young Timo taking that pecker in various positions until he's jerking out his jizz into his own mouth! Conner gets his splashing out too, and Timo is there to lick up the mess and share it in a sticky kiss!

August 19, 2014 timogarrett Random Stuff 0

Timo Fucks His Inked Buddy

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Even thought Timo is no jock, he makes young inked twink Miles look even smaller in this fuck video! He's caught the tattooed boy eating all of his candy, and the boy is not happy. He decides to give the by some real punishment for his thieving ways, but we have a feeling that's just going to encourage him!

September 6, 2013 timogarrett Videos 0

Daddy Muscle Cock In Twink Ass

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When sexy twink Timo offers the hairy and hunky daddy Shay his bulging bone in his tight jock the dude cannot resist it! Hard and leaking, both get plenty of meat in their mouths in a shared suck off, but Timo wants that cock in his ass and the muscled man can't refuse the feel of that tight chute massaging his manhood! It's a horny and rampant fuck, with plenty of hot cream at the end!

May 12, 2013 timogarrett Videos 0

Detention Fuck For Timo

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Horny Timo has found his way into detention with Brian after making some inappropriate comments. But he's past words, now it's time for action, and Brian can't resist when the twink goes for his daddy cock! Sucked to hardness, Brian is under the twinks spell, and soon deep in his ass and fucking him too!

April 23, 2013 timogarrett Videos 0

Hardcore Twink Cock Lessons

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All bloke need to spice things up from time to time, and although Tripp was into it, he didn't think this is what Timo had in mind! They've broken into the school, and the teachers desk makes the perfect location for a horny butt fuck as Tripp takes a fucking then gives his prick to Timo, ending with both jerking out their loads over the desk!

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Timo Garrett Shares A Fantasy

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All boys have fantasies, and Timo Garrett is here to share his own little fantasy about sharing his rod with a lot of other boys in a public bathhouse. It's a hot idea, with so many gorgeous boys all jerking, sucking and fucking each other until their spunk loads are being shared! I wouldn't pass up an experience like that!

January 18, 2013 timogarrett Random Stuff 0

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